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An empowering and inspiring

story of a woman, her beloved 

and their journey free birthing two free spirited boys.

"A must read for every man and woman"


~ Jodee Jaimes

Shamanic Doula, Poetic Artist & Oracle

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Love from us x

Hello friends!



Gratitude to you for joining us here, we are honoured to share our journey of natural birth with you. It is our hope that that it will inspire and encourage you and your loved ones on your journey of creating the births that you dream. Sally has written our story for you to read and it will come alive for you with photos, her illustrations and her songs for you to listen, and the song words for you to sing along! Thank you for supporting us in sharing our story.

Should you have any issues downloading, reading or sharing please let us know and of course we'd love to hear your feedback and experience with our story.



Sally & Joseph


A little taste of our story...



...I sometimes find it hard to step into my responsibility. I am a woman but sometimes I feel like a girl. I know I am a Mother not a maiden and I am here to help others with this transition. We give birth to our babies and we give birth to ourselves as a Mother. How can I be an authority on this subject, why should you listen to me? It is something we all have authority of when we become a Mother. I feel very strongly about taking back the birth power for Women and there is something in my life story and destiny that helps me to do that; to encourage me and you.

Thank you for sharing in our journey
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Pregnancy is Dreaming Birth Ebook

+ 7 Track Music Album



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Once I started I couldn't stop till I finished. Sally and Josephs story has inspired me to look at life, birth and babies differently. 

We're all connected.

~ Jodee Jaimes

Devotional Doula, Poetess & Temple Designer