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Thank you to you dear reader for being here. Let us dream the new world together. Healing Birth. Healing People. Healing Earth.
My name is Sally and I am really happy to share my story with you. This is the story of one woman and how I came to have two natural home births with only my husband present. It is a book of inspiration for Mothers to be, parents to be and those who want to be parents. It contains ideas to encourage Mothers and parents to create the birth they really want, rather than a limiting one they have been told they can have.
I am not a trained Doula or Midwife, I am a natural Woman, Earth Mother of 2 young boys and natural birth advocate. This is not a book that will tell you everything you need to know but it will give you some really good ideas, inspirations and some practical advice in preparation for creating the birth that you want.
I dedicate this book to natural birth. For Women to feel in their power as The Divine Feminine, supported and honored by The Divine Masculine. Women dream different kinds of birth. My dream of birth was and is free birth; so just being alone with my partner, as that felt right for us. I don’t want you to feel that ‘free birth’ is the best. Some families are suited to this but some will feel better with friends, a Doula, all their family, a Midwife. Some will feel better at home, a birth center, in hospital, or maybe in a natural sea pool in Costa Rica like my friend Heather!
I aspire to inspire other women and their partners to create art and song and sacred space to support the vision of the birth they want to create which will all be so different! The CD that goes with the book is songs that I received, some before pregnancy and some during that helped me on my pregnancy journey and I hope that they will help and inspire you too. The words of the songs are at the back of the book so you can sing along too as they are simple songs. There are pictures that I drew throughout pregnancy to illustrate the songs at the back too. You are free to listen to the CD and turn to the back of the book before you read the rest! I hope you enjoy!
I sometimes find it hard to step into my responsibility. I am a woman but sometimes I feel like a girl. I know I am a Mother not a maiden and I am here to help others with this transition. We give birth to our babies and we give birth to ourselves as a Mother. How can I be an authority on this subject, why should you listen to me? It is something we all have authority of when we become a Mother. I feel very strongly about taking back the birth power for Women and there is something in my life story and destiny that helps me to do that; to encourage me and you.
I do have high ideals for birth and I have been able to live them. I dreamt them in pregnancy and before pregnancy and I lived my dreams into birth. I have a very fortunate Mother line of birth which I can strongly feel now and I am very grateful for that. So, the authority I have to be here and write this book, to know what I know and feel what I feel is inherited by my Mother and Grandmothers. I see very little fear in the birth stories in the generations behind me, maybe which comes from my family having a farming background, connected to nature and animals, which allows me to be in the place where I am.

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The evening of Eden’s birth

It was dark but we had a small lamp. We could hear the sea and the sound of our own breathing, we also had a fan on some of the time as it was so hot. We had neighbours a few meters away in another holiday cabin, but we didn't know this until the next morning! Which was good as I might have felt restrained in my sound making had I have known! We were naked and free of inhibitions. We hugged and kissed and Joseph stroked me and encouraged me to feel beautiful, womanly and strong. I breathed deep and slow. I sang to help me get into a trance space. Sometimes singing, 'I am the Goddess in my body on the Earth', or 'I am opening up in sweet surrender to the luminous love light of the one'. We didn’t play any recorded music as we just wanted to listen to natural sounds, our breathing, the sound of the sea 150m away. When the 'contractions' which I will call 'surges' came, I would be on all fours or swaying gently with my arms on the bed head, chanting 'Ah' in deep meditation. A surge feels like a tightening of the womb. It is an intense feeling that requires attention. Joseph always joined me in chanting 'Ah' and this was our focus to guide and ride the birth energy I was feeling. I also constantly visioned my body opening up like a pink lotus flower, surrendering to the child that wanted to be born into the world. I cradled my child inside and welcomed him, telling him he was loved and welcomed and we looked forward to holding him in our arms. I experienced tightening in my lower back and Joseph massaged me there through every surge, which was wonderful! Once I remember him going for a wee as a surge began and I called to him “Come back NOW!”, and he did! As the birth progressed I began to experience a tightening also across my front which I rubbed vigorously as I chanted. I felt very in my body, I felt intensity rather than pain. I felt the power, beauty and union of all women who had given birth. I felt my Mother and Grandmothers behind me giving birth so that I could be here giving birth. I felt all my Great grandmothers and all Women who have accomplished the initiation of Yoni birth. I didn't manage to translate all my feelings as pleasurable openings of ecstasy. I was in an ecstatic trance of heightened awareness and deep meditation with Joseph too holding this space. For my next birth I aspire too feel more merging and pleasure as I surrender. I aspire to focus on the intensity and allow this to merge with the power of all creation.

Thank you for sharing in our journey
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